About LHR

Count on us when your community is counting on you.

senior construction manager working with team

The chaos created when floods, fires, hail storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes strike wreaks serious havoc on communities. And in the aftermath, the work of filing insurance claims, rebuilding the community and helping residents cope is just as serious. Since 2012, LHR’s network of restoration experts has seen it all, and we’ve helped hundreds of communities successfully rebuild after disaster. Because many of us have served as community managers, we have first-hand experience with the unique issues facing associations and helping board members navigate them. Whether your community is recovering from the unthinkable, or you need help with a large-scale construction project, we work tirelessly to handle every tiny detail to ensure that homeowners are regularly informed and contractors are on schedule. Because we’re backed by Associa, North America’s largest community management firm, we have the resources to make sure the job always gets done right. In short, when you work with LHR, we take care of everything.